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Project Cargo Handling

In order to respond promptly and effectively to the customers needs, we are striving to optimize all areas of our logistics operations, as well as developing the most efficient method of transport (air, sea, express) and route, as well as reduce logistical costs to contribute to the strengthening of our customers competitiveness, which are all possible through our years of accumulated know-how in logistics. We provide a total logistics package that encompasses customer stock management, as well as customs clearance and delivery at destination countries to bring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

As a company we are proud to draw on our experience and performance of handling many project cargoes destined to the Asian countries over the past many years and strongly believe having access to our affiliated transport company’s assets as well as additional right transport timely and our in house customs clearing department, are in the best position to handle all types of project cargoes for destination in Iran or transit via Iran to various destinations in the Asian countries and Afghanistan.

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